About Us

We create innovative solutions through scientific and technological research that have an impact on the society allowing a better care and use of energies and natural resources, creating job opportunities, generating value for our shareholders and benefits for our workers.

We want to be a factory of ideas that generate profit with an ecological and social balance.
We design, develop and produce innovative solutions with the highest technology and quality, looking for the complete satisfaction of our clients through technological management and continuous improvement of our processes inside and outside of the organization.

Pedro Gabay Villafaña

CEO & Co-founder

Pedro is an entrepreneur that has led a great number of technological projects and that has achieved innovative products in industries like consumer electronics, aerospace and biomedical.

José Luis Rojas Calderón

CTO & Co-founder

Luis has created devices for the household electric appliances industry generating patents for enterprises like Mabe / GE. Luis is an expert in electronic engineering and mechatronics with applications in areas like Internet Of Things, consumer electronics and biomedical.

Agustin Rojas Calderón

CFO & Co-founder

Agustin has started the operation of our production lines for the industry assuring high quality standards. Agustin is specialized in production for the electronic industry focusing in areas like automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics.