The weekly newspaper “El Exprés” highlights the activity of Cuantum Labs in Silicon Valley.

9 February, 2016/0/0/

The journal “El Exprés” in its edition of February 8, 2016 published a note that highlights the activities in development and innovation of the group Datiotec –Cuantum Labs. The article remarks the importance of the presence that Datiotec has in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, the article presents some of the products developed by the company. To [...]

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Beginning of the cold flow tests for the rocket

A step closer to space

29 December, 2015/0/0/

December set the beginning of the cold flow test campaign for the rocket JFCR-2000A. The objective of the test campaign is to ensure the proper operation of the tanks and the fuel feed system before proceeding to the execution of ignition tests.


Pilot study could revolutionize medicine in the world.

29 December, 2015/0/0/

El pasado mes de septiembre Biocor Labs inició la aplicación de un protocolo médico que podría cambiar nuestro entendimiento del útero humano.

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