Pilot study could revolutionize medicine in the world.

29 December, 2015/0/0

Last September Biocor Labs began the application of a medical study that could change our understanding of the human uterus.

In the public hospital “El Niño y la Mujer” located in the city of San Luis Potosi, the biomedical team of our company Biocor Labs, part of the tech companies that integrates Cuantum Labs group, began the application of the pilot study “ELECTROMYOGRAPHY AND INTRAUTERINE PRESSURE IN THE IMMEDIATE PUERPERIUM”

This study is unique in Mexico and was designed in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi to understand the behavior of the uterus during the instants that follow the partum. For the design of the study were taken into account several elements from ethics, medical and engineering points of view. Furthermore, the results of the study will serve in the understanding of uterine atony, which is the main cause of obstetrical hemorrhage

In Mexico 1 in 500 women dies due to obstetrical hemorrhage and the application of this study is the first step in the creation of a device capable of controlling obstetrical hemorrhage and contribute to save many women’s lives. It is worth to say that this is not only a national problem but a global one since in the world one woman dies every 4 minutes from the same causes.

Portada estudio piloto de Biocor labs