Total control of gas consumption

¿What is steam of gas?

It is a wireless sensor for natural gas meters with diaphragm, which sends gas consumption twice a day.

¿How does it works?

It connects by sending information through the Sigfox network.
It is stored in the cloud and displayed on the web platform or in your ERP system.


In our web platform you can:

  • Visualize all your gas meters 
  • Have updated readings
  • Get consumption graphs


Reduce costs
Daily messures
Avoid capture errors
Improves administrative efficiency

Technical specifications

  • Transmits twice a day (TBD) gas meter information.
  • The sending of information includes the battery level of the sensor (TBD).
  • Receive the information directly on your server (TBD).
  • Compatible with diaphragm gas meters model BK-G1.6 to BK-G100 (AMERICAN METER / ELSTER).